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The Foods Forever Lost to Climate Change

A changing climate could impact the food that we eat, as alterations to the chemistry of the ocean or the world’s weather have the potential to make some animals and plants extinct. The GhostFood truck simulates what this reality might be like, where the tastes of vanished foods are resurrected through an apparatus-based eating experience.

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PS1 One Ups MoMA’s Thai Curry Kitchen With a Québécois Cafeteria

Québécois cuisine in New York hasn’t been the same after M. Wells Dinette closed in Long Island City. But wait, the boîte will be resurrected as the new cafeteria-ish eatery at MoMA’s hipper sister in Queens, PS1. Sure, Rirkrit Tiravanija’s curry kitchen, aka “Untitled (Free)” (1992), is feeding gallery goers at the MoMA mothership on 53rd Street, but anyone can eat Thai nowadays. Québécois is what all the cool kids are doing. C’est super cool!

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Martha’s Tongue or Our Pseudo-Sexual Relationship With Food

DETROIT — This Thanksgiving you should pay attention to the texture of your food, how you use your tongue to lash out and taste your food, and how you digest your food. Why? Isn’t that kind of creepy? Um, yes, it is kind of creepy, and lusting over your food may upset your family members’ stomachs. But Brooklyn-based sculptor Martha Friedman is preoccupied with food and digestion, and she creates awesome food art, proving there is some real artistic value in food lust. Maybe you should leave it to the experts though.

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Absence as Food Art

Last Wednesday April 6, Hyperallergic LABS Tumblr editor Janelle Grace and I attended a press preview for a collaboration between artist Paul Ramirez-Jonas and Park Avenue Spring chef Kevin Lasko called Plus One, hosted at the restaurant and presented by Creative Time Consulting. The resulting event was a mix of inspiring flavor combinations, symbolic food choices and a dash of relational aesthetics engagement with dining as experience. Delicious, but also aesthetically thought provoking. Here are both of our takes on the event, plus a photo essay. Bon appetit!