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When in Rome, Blog Like a Roman Foodie

OAKLAND, Calif. — Travel presents so many opportunities to stimulate the senses, from new color palettes to new sounds and languages. But in my opinion, you’ve not experienced a culture until you’ve engaged that other sense — taste — and savored its foods, until you’ve watched how people cook and steam and source the meals they’ll have for the day.

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The Politics of Taste: Expanding Your Palate

Out of all the human senses, taste is often the least understood. Some of us eat purely to sustain ourselves, while others eat as a central joy in their lives. Now a new interdisciplinary conference seeks to focus on desire’s palate, and taste is being placed under the microscope as an important part of not only the culinary arts but also art history and theory, sociology, anthropology, as well as the cognitive, material, and biological sciences.

Molecular Cuisine: The Politics of Taste is a three-day symposium taking place October 19–21 at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) that will target the intersections between taste and value. While taste is the key concept in new cooking technologies, it also connects us to our passions, predilections, and taboos.

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Taking a Bite of Lucky Peach: The Art of Food

Lucky Peach debut issue ( It only takes one look at the cover of the debut issue of Lucky Peach to realize that this isn’t your typical food ‘zine. No glossy photo of an impeccably styled dish here; instead, there’s a dead chicken being held unceremoniously upside down by its feet, its pale, thin, pocky […]