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Guns, Performance Art, and the Tools to Understand

Today’s NRA press conference was repulsive to everyone except the most die-hard gun lovers who don’t see why anyone would do anything to regulate, prohibit, or curb their distribution. Our favorite irreverent anti-war activist group, Code Pink, disrupted the proceeding a number of times, interrupting the staged event (not much of a press conference really since there were no questions) with screams of “The NRA is killing our children” and “The violence begins with the NRA!” (both said by Tighe Barry) and a large banner. It was a surreal event and it was amazing that Barry was able to disrupt the presentation for a significant amount of time. The sign, unfurled clearly for the cameras, strangely didn’t feel out of place. The whole event, in reality, felt artificial.

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Bizarre Gun Accident at Met Museum

“A security guard at the Metropolitan Museum of Art accidentally shot himself in the leg while cleaning his gun inside the famed Upper East Side institution this afternoon … A spokesman for the museum described the accidental shooting in a locker room as a ‘freak accident’ and said the public was never in any danger.” [New York Post]