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Books, T-Shirts, and More in the Hyperallergic Store

Let’s say you’re a fan of Hyperallergic. You’re reading this now, you enjoy our articles, you even like them on Facebook and email them to your parents or friends sometimes (thank you for doing that!). We want you to know that we appreciate your support endlessly; we don’t take it for granted.
A lot of our readers may not realize, though, that in addition to all the content we work so hard on, there’s another element of Hyperallergic’s online presence: our store. We recently stocked it with lots of new, awesome, inexpensive stuff, and we wanted to give you a taste of what’s on offer.

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Show Your Support of Hyperallergic, Buy a T-Shirt

You know we work hard at Hyperallergic to bring you the most interesting news, reviews, and opinions about art but we also need some support once in a while, and today is one of those days. Contrary to popular belief, ads and sponsorships do not pay for everything here at Hyperallergic, and most of us have other jobs to support our passion for art writing and blogging. We know we offer a valuable service to the community as we work to speak truth to power and present issues, art, and events that no one is talking about, let along writing about, and we want to continue that commitment. But we need your help.

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T-Shirts For Recent Art World Scandals

If you haven’t been living under a rock or in a place without wi-fi for the past two weeks, you know that the proverbial shit has hit the proverbial fan in the art world. From cases of censorship to the forced alteration of several exhibitions, it’s definitely been a good month for news, if not for art and artists. To commemorate the art world apocalypse, Hyperallergic has designed some t-shirts just to keep everyone up to date on our favorite museums’ antics. Things can only plummet into oblivion look up from here, folks. Might as well look good while Chelsea burns, right?

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Hyperallergic T-Shirts Now Available

Remember that little contest we had back in October to determine which design would be chosen for Hyperallergic’s very first t-shirt? Well, Duncan Alexander’s “T-shirts are the new galleries” took first prize, and now it’s for sale! The t-shirt, made out of a comfy 100% cotton (I can attest, I’m wearing one now), features Alexander’s slogan in our signature Hyperallergic font, and is made for those self-deprecating situations when a snarky dig at the contemporary art world is just what you need.