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The Insta-Aesthetics of War

CHICAGO — Explosives blow up skies the world over. From our smartphone-enhanced filter bubbles, we learn to consume these explosive images on social sites like Instagram, where the Insta-aesthetics of war know no global boundaries. Instagram offers a space for mediating the chemical explosions, corporeal and ideological worlds, blending them into a scrolling stream on smartphones.

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Post-It War Volley or Commentary on the Technology Industry?

PARIS — I met artist Andreas Kopp in early December, after a brisk pre-conference behind-the-scenes tour at LeWeb, in Paris. On my way out the door, rushing to catch my coat and the metro, I stumbled upon a group of German hipsters (They’re much more approachable that their American counterparts). Andreas and the Post It Art Creators team sprawled across giant sheets of paper, diligently sticking Post-it notes to a neatly organized grid.

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Our Selfies, Ourselves

There was a period when I didn’t know what, exactly a “selfie” was. It sounded like a euphemism for something. Now I know that it’s just a self-portrait — our medium of choice for Facebook and Instagram (RIP). Two recent phenomena, faked selfies and art critic Brian Droitcour’s #artselfies, take the format to the next level.