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The Emptiness of Art

Many people love art for its power to transport, whether through a painting that brings us to the banks of the Seine in 19th-century France or an installation that immerses us in a fanciful and imagined alternate world. But what about when art refuses to carry us away, offering instead only blank space, an empty frame staring back at us?

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What the New Museum Should Do With Its New Rose

As soon as we heard that Isa Genzken’s “Rose” will replace Ugo Rondinone’s “Hell,Yes” (2001) on the exterior of the New Museum … we immediately thought Photoshop!

Our little digital collage experiments suggest that fiction is often more exciting that fact.

A friend suggested that the New Museum amass them all, and I would assume it would eventually look like a child’s bedroom floor strewn with colorful toys.

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Is “Hell, Yes” Being Replaced at the New Museum?

A little birdie told us at Hyperallergic HQ that Ugo Rondinone’s “Hell,Yes” (2001) will be removed from its perch on the facade of the New Museum. The same little birdie told us that it is slated to be replaced by Isa Genzken’s 30 foot (8 meter) tall “Rose” sculpture.

What do we think of the newest addition to the Bowery? We’ll let you know after it’s installed in early November.