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Greetings from Hyperallergic LABS

Hey readers, I’m Janelle, the managing editor of the Hyperallergic LABS tumblelog. For the un-initiated, “tumblelog” is the name for a blog hosted on the free platform Tumblr, which utilizes a fairly simple interface for short-form posts. Images are often the most popular posts on Tumblr, but text audio, and video formats are also very easily posted. On Hyperallergic LABS, our posts usually follow a weekly theme, mixed in with blog posts from Hyperallergic. Here’s a quick introduction to what LABS is all about and how Tumblr works.

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James Gilbert On Tweeted, Googled and Inappropriately Touched

Los Angeles-based artist James Gilbert has been exploring the nature of privacy online with Tweeted, Googled and Inappropriately Touched. The cleverly named series incorporates smaller sub-projects, like “Privacy Is Dead Because We Said So, 2.0” (2010), which is included in #TheSocialGraph.

As part of the Brooklyn incarnation, Gilbert asks participants who would like to take one of the hundred hand-sewn plastic undergarments home to agree to the following conditions, including promising not to sell them, to post a photo with them online on some form of social media, and to send us the link. The images we’ve received (and posted on our tumblelog) portray everything from the very mundane shots of people holding them up to the definitely NSFW (see images here).

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Get Ready for #TheSocialGraph

In two weeks, #TheSocialGraph will open at Outpost in Bushwick, Brooklyn and we’re incredibly excited. What is #TheSocialGraph? It is an evolving exploration of the burgeoning field of social media art and the relation of contemporary art with this populist tool as a medium, facilitator, and subject for art.

I am the curator of the project and I’ve pulled together a number of interesting artists, writers, social media mavens, and others to share ideas and explore possibilities presented by the intersection of visual art and social media. Some of the art in #TheSocialGraph will be about social media, some will use social media as an integral component of the finished project, and some will be more of an experiment so we’re not exactly sure what to call it.