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Past Actions, Past Gestures: Conflux 2012

Expectation and experience seldom end up at the same destination, especially when you walk down a subway platform and see a sign that reads “To Breuckelen” and realize — no, no, the MTA hasn’t sold the L line back to the Dutch to save money; rather, you are seeing a sign hung by artist Daniel Bejar (not that one) as part of his Get Lost! installation.

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The Kickstarter Art Project Goes Meta

Jason Eppink has gone and done it. First, he started a water gun fight in a museum, and now he’s taken the beloved Kickstarter art project to a whole new — and very meta — level. He’s not fundraising for a project, he’s not gathering money for some event, he’s not even using Kickstarter … yes, Eppink has launched an art project called Kickbackstarter — emphasis ours — which is designed to help him fund the projects of all his friends.

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Water Gun Fight In a Museum!

Jason Eppink describes himself online as an “Urban Alchemist, Rapid Prototyper, Mischief Maker,” so it should come as no surprise that he stirred things up during his February 24 lecture at the Museum of Arts and Design with a water gun fight.