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The Impossibility of Documenting New York City

Like most people (I assume), I had heard about Humans of New York in passing, with a share on Facebook or a retweet on Twitter, but until recently, I wasn’t actually following the blog. Then I found myself looking at a portrait one day — I don’t remember which — and being overwhelmed by its simultaneous focus and tenderness. I realized I wanted these pictures to pop up in my Facebook and Twitter feeds all the time.

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MoMA’s Abramović Ends With a Bang

The last day of the Marina Abramović’s “The Artist Is Present” at MoMA was marked by a frenzy of activity both IRL and online. The veteran performance artist has proven that her art form has come of age and it can hypnotize a whole city — and art world — into believing or “unbelieving” that she’s the biggest game in town.

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Art World Ikeas

A new generation of websites selling prints by contemporary artists are emerging as the Ikeas of the art world — they sell editions, from large to small runs, of different kinds of work, from traditional prints to paintings and drawings. At high volume and low prices, these sites make the most of their populist position: buying art need not be hard!