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Not Feeling The Originals

The Originals, according to the PR statement, “features the first group of visionary artists to ditch the NYC scene to set roots at Mana Contemporary.” News flash: Mana Contemporary discovers Jersey City, which has been sitting across from Manhattan for 382 years.

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[Sponsor] Untitled Jersey City Project

Audi and FX Networks have teamed up to create Untitled Jersey City Project a new experimental series presented as a work-in-progress television drama but with a decidedly cinematic feel.  The eight mini episodes are fragments from a larger story that feels like a modern day film noir thriller. Each clip explores another facet of the story and answers some questions while leaving the viewer to wonder what will happen next.

Set amidst the fast-developing Jersey City waterfront, just across the river from Manhattan, the series showcases the beautiful contrasts of Jersey City with a sexy, stylized look. Directed by Daniel Minahan (True BloodGame of Thrones), the series fits right at home on the FX Network with all the drama of murder, sex, revenge and intrigue that you’d expect.

Click through to watch the sneak peak, or check out all the episodes at Untitled Jersey City Project 

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Jersey City Museum RIP?

In what almost sounds like an obituary for the Jersey City Museum, The Star Ledger is reporting the following about the ailing art institution: ” … what may be the best contemporary art collection in the state, is so strapped for cash that it can’t keep the lights on.” So, what is happening at the New Jersey art institution and what, if anything, will happen to its 10,000 piece art collection?

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Buy Your Tickets Now: PBR Tour This Thursday Night

This Thursday we would love for you to join us as Hyperallergic and friends will be heading to the Jersey City Museum’s Golden Door mini-golf course for a night of golf, beer, and hot dogs (and veggie dogs) on Thursday, July 22 (7-9:30 pm).

Assure your spot today by BUYING YOUR TICKET NOW, as tickets are selling fast and we may soon reach capacity and not be able to sell tickets at the door. Tickets are ONLY $15 and they support the Jersey City Museum directly.

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The Jersey City Mini-Golf Experiment: The Golden Door Is Now Open

The Golden Door is the anachronistic nickname of Jersey City, which acquired the moniker at the turn of the 20th century when it was a magnet for newly arrived Ellis Island immigrants. Today, it is the name of a new temporary mini golf course-cum-art exhibition organized by the Jersey City Museum as an innovative new summer fundraising idea that explores the idea of immigration and interactive “art.”