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Posted inArt

Tracing a Lineage of Tech-Minded Women Artists

It’s hard now to go more than a couple months without stumbling across another exhibition showing “artists [who] question the boundary between art and technology.” It’s enough to make you never give another crap about the boundary between art and technology. But I’m not sure the artists involved in such shows really do either — at least not the ones in Coded After Lovelace.

Posted inArt

A Place to Rest Your Internet-Weary Head

CHICAGO — When I was but a wee young twin, a powerful psychic told me that I should keep a dream journal. I never forgot that moment, because it came to me in a dream during a wonderful evening of REM-induced magic. That psychic reappeared to me one day in the form of the tumblr blog tag #psychic moment. And that’s when I knew the Internet was haunting me.