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Crimes of the Art

On this week’s art crime blotter: an art analysis assignment gets a teacher suspended, new reality TV show allegedly glorifies ‘grave-robbing,’ and Justin Bieber climbs a Mayan ruin and pulls his pants down.

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Selfie Discomfort and the Public Gaze

CHICAGO — I have to be honest with you: I feel uncomfortable receiving your selfies. Even though I have asked you for them, and you offered consent through your action of sending them to me. You made a decision to email me something privately, and that I can assure you is viewed privately, by me, at my computer inbox.

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Take a Good Look at Your Selfie

CHICAGO — A few weeks ago, I thought that I’d had it with selfies It began with a simple Facebook post declaring: “Just say NO to SELFIES <3 <3 <3." Less than a week later, I found myself doing exactly what I feared: Alone in a dressing room at Target, I was snapping selfies with my iPhone, selecting the perfect one or two, and uploading them to Facebook. The selfies weren't over — in fact, they had just begun.