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The Legendary Auteur: Deconstructing Pazz & Jop

As the Village Voice’s 41st Pazz & Jop Critics Poll makes clear, Kanye West is the most gifted popular musician of our time. This may sound like empty, generalized hyperbole, and it is. But nothing else would do justice to a man whose renown dwarfs your average celebrity, because West has reached an utterly unprecedented level of acclaim.

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Yeezus Christ Superstar

When Kanye West first released My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy in 2010, his celebrity had reached its peak, or so we all thought. No album that year dominated as absolutely — critically, commercially, artistically, musically, culturally. Not only did it go platinum, but hip-hop intellectuals loved it.

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Picasso Raffle, Baby

“I just want a Picasso in my casa, no, my castle,” raps Jay Z in his appropriately titled song “Picasso Baby.” Jay Z’s song most certainly stirs up a desire to own some Picasso art bling, which is becoming increasingly important nowadays for the rich and famous. But is such a thing possible for someone who isn’t a wealthy rapper?

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The Man Who Made Kanye West Cry

Neal Medlyn has been channeling pop stars in New York galleries and theaters since the early aughts, and has built a repertoire of performances that run heavy on exhibitionism and intellectualism. His most recent show, Wicked Clown Love, which premiered at The Kitchen in February, is based on a trip to the Gathering of the Juggalos, the annual hardcore rap festival organized by the group Insane Clown Posse. Medlyn and I met at a bar in Chelsea, where he told me about how he made Kanye West cry, among other juicy tales.