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Posted inArt

Malevich in his Milieu

LONDON — The Tate Modern’s Malevich: Revolutionary of Russian Art exhibition explores the career of Kazimir Malevich, presenting a complete image of the painter, sculptor, teacher, and revolutionary member of the early Soviet avant-garde, whose trajectory as an innovative artist mirrored the tumultuous decades surrounding the Soviet revolution.

Posted inArt

Kazimir Malevich’s Little-Known Perfume Bottle

Before artists are lionized, canonized, given major retrospectives at major museums, they are people. And when they are people, they are often poor, and so they must find ways to make money. Paul Gauguin tried his hand as a stockbroker, Henri Rousseau worked as a toll collector for most of his life, and Kazimir Malevich — whose retrospective opens at Tate Modern today — designed a perfume bottle.