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An Art Show for #OccupyWallStreet [UPDATED]

On the 1oth anniversary of September 11, 2001, Loft in the Red Zone, an artistic tribute to 9/11, opened at the historic JP Morgan Building at 23 Wall Street. A week later the show was wrapped up in the middle of Occupy Wall Street as protesters, barricades and police invaded the area at the start of the occupation. Loft in the Red Zone is now joining in the movement, hosting a pop-up exhibition entitled No Comment that is inspired by Occupy Wall Street.

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The Kickstarter Art Project Goes Meta

Jason Eppink has gone and done it. First, he started a water gun fight in a museum, and now he’s taken the beloved Kickstarter art project to a whole new — and very meta — level. He’s not fundraising for a project, he’s not gathering money for some event, he’s not even using Kickstarter … yes, Eppink has launched an art project called Kickbackstarter — emphasis ours — which is designed to help him fund the projects of all his friends.

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The (Other) C-Word

(via Steve Lambert/ Quick—what’s the dirtiest word you can think of? The one that makes people the most uncomfortable? The one you wouldn’t dare say at a party for fear you’ll spend the rest of the evening alone in a corner with everyone around you doing their best to pretend you’re not there? Artist Steve […]

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Required Reading

This week… the Rothko Chapel at 40, artists and their audiences, Ai Weiwei 25 yrs ago, ageism & photographers, honeybees & humans design together, the commerce of fan art, Tintoretto at the Venice Biennale, AIDS at 30, IBM & the Met collaborate to preserve art, Kickstarter is the 3rd largest comic book publisher in America.

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Video: A First-Hand Witness on Ai Weiwei

PBS documentary show Frontline features Alison Klayman’s work filming Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s tumultuous past two years. The journalist has followed Ai through art exhibitions and political scandals alike, interviewing the artist and his family as well as the Chinese artistic community in a powerful portrait of one of the world’s most striking artistic figures.