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LACMA’s Rocking Social Media Campaign for Levitated Mass

LOS ANGELES —There’s a giant rock in town. If you live in Los Angeles, it’s almost impossible to ignore this fact. Part of that is because the rock — Michael Heizner’s “Levitated Mass” — blocked traffic on its slow journey to the heart of LA and into the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. But it’s easy enough to skip that part of town if you want to. The biggest reason is that almost every Angeleno (at least in my art-loving circle) is talking about it.

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LACMA Lets You Play Exquisite Corpse on Your iPhone

LOS ANGELES — Just a day after I reviewed LACMA’s In Wonderland exhibition of surrealist female artists, I came across their new app. Designed by media artist Jody Zellen, Art Swipe starts you off with 16 images from the show. The images are cut in three and arranged with others on the screen, allowing you simply to slide the images until you find a mash-up you like.

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Always Social: Getting Noticed (2008-2010), Part Two

The most striking aspect of social media art is that it contains facets of, by being digital; visual art, by existing on a two-dimensional surface; public art, by existing in spaces used habitually by hundreds of millions of people; and performance art, by being inherently social. Whether the aggregate is greater than its sum remains to be seen …