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Mail Art Bulletin: Mail That Travels

Editor’s note: is a worldwide sculptural installation initiated by Jamie Burmeister. The Nebraska-bsed artist mailed us a box of three clay figures and we asked Janelle Grace, the London-based managing editor of Hyperallergic LABS, to take one of the figures on a trip.

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Mail Art Bulletin: Outside the Envelope

Today’s additions to the Mail Art Bulletin come from California, London and Florida. I want to mention that over the course of the last few month I’ve discovering that my preconceived notions about mail art (a hand-drawn or -printed item in a carefully prepared envelope) are antiquated. The examples below demonstrate how the category can include a great deal of diversity — and these are only a few.

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Mail Art Bulletin: Information Distortion Field

Artist Brian Dupont has been a longtime Hyperallergic pal. He describes is art as “a study of how the visual aspects of information can be conveyed — or distorted — within the framework of abstract painting.” That visually abstract lexicon is often layered with words and letters to convey an added sense of familiarity but not necessarily direct meaning.