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Northern English Museum Celebrates Ten Years

GATESHEAD, UK — I’ve visited 35 states in the USA since I moved to Chicago ten years ago, and I’ve been struck many times by the presence of high-quality art museums in out-of-the-way places, but it’smore surprising to see a comparable art space in England. But the Baltic Mill Art Museum, in the northeast of England, is just such a place, and it’s currently celebrating its tenth anniversary.

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What’s Up With UK Arts Funding Cuts?

Arts Council England, a group within the English governmental Department of Art, Media and Sport, is an organization entirely devoted to funding the arts, performing, visual and literary. In total, the council currently funds 880 arts organizations and events. In September, “Britain’s coalition government of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats proposed a budget that could cut arts spending by as much as 25 percent,” reports the New York Times, a move that would help reduce the country’s budget deficit.

It’s still not clear where the budget cuts will lead, but it’s clear that artists and art organizations are speaking up against the disastrous impact the cuts could have.