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Unpaid Interns Fight Back

In a big victory for unpaid internship lawsuits, a federal judge ruled last Tuesday that two interns who worked on the movie Black Swan for Fox Searchlight Pictures should have been paid. Federal District Court Judge William H. Pauley III sided with the former interns, Eric Glatt and Alexander Footman, “because they were essentially regular employees,” the New York Times reports. It’s not quite be the nail in the coffin for unpaid internships yet, but it’s progress.

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A Taste of Tomorrow Night’s (Thurs Oct 13) Event with Ecoarttech

Tomorrow, Hyperallergic is hosting Leila Nadir and Cary Peppermint of Ecoarttech. The event will explore the convergent ecologies of art, media and the environment in what the duo is calling “nature 2.0.” Their topic is timely and fascinating — not to mention complex and nuaced — so I asked them to explain a little about what they will talk about on Thursday night. The following is a short interview.

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Thinking of Magazines as Art Objects

On average, we probably encounter magazines more frequently than art. To equate them, though, isn’t common practice. Is a New Yorker cartoon just a quirky little illustration, or is it a defining style of both humor and drawing that has become iconic not just of the weekly, but of the history of cartooning? Is a fashion spread in Harper’s Bazaar just luscious eye candy coxing consumers to buy clothes, or is it the collaborative result of aesthetic visionaries in the demanding creative fields of photography, creative direction and fashion? Are magazines glossy periodicals filled with ads, or are they works of art with revolutionary potential?