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Was the Mona Lisa the World’s First 3D Image?

Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa has been long studied and celebrated for its virtuosic composition and sfumato technique, its mysterious background and sitter, but two experimental psychologists in Germany are suggesting that the iconic painting may have another claim to fame: being the first 3D image in history.

Posted inOpinion

Another Day, Another Dubious Mona Lisa Discovery

Professional art history charlatan Silvano Vinceti has narrowed down his quest for the Mona Lisa’s definitely real body to one of three skeletons exhumed from Florence’s Santissima Annunziata basilica, all of which are currently being tested at the University of Bologna, the Guardian reports. The journalistic seriousness accorded to Vinceti’s antics suggests that the public hunger for arcane relics connected to famous artists is far from dying out. After all, dubious claims about the Mona Lisa, in all their sensational absence of verisimilitude, are something of the art world’s Shark Week.