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Bloody Bloody Boudoir Ladies: Turning Kitsch Ceramics Into Horror

Edinburgh-based artist Jessica Harrison transforms the collectible ceramic ladies that populate grandmothers’ china cabinets into spectacles of gore. These elegant abominations are now on view at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York as part of Body & Soul: New International Ceramics, the first of a series of exhibitions highlighting different materials to mark the museum’s fifth year at its Columbus Circle home.

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Crispin Glover Tackles Hollywood Taboos

If you only know Crispin Hellion Glover as a quirky actor with the gift of an unsettling gaze, then you’re missing out on the major focus of his career as the producer of experimental films that lunge voraciously into taboos. And it’s easy to miss, as the only way to see these films is when he screens them himself. This past weekend, Glover stopped by the Museum of Arts and Design for a two-night installment of his slideshows and films, and later this month he’ll return to IFC.

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The Unpleasant Smell of Lost Opportunities, or How One Museum Show Became a Luxury Boutique

Camille Paglia, who famously polarized artists and intellectuals throughout the 1990s, is back. In her new book, Glittering Images, her mission is to bring closure to an era she feels is full of art-world stunts and isolating pretension, in exchange for a return to art-world appreciation among a general audience and beyond. For her, museums are the locus of this new evolution, and we could not agree more. If museums are the way by which people experience and understand art, and if we want to change that experience or simply get more people involved in it, we must begin by examining the interface.