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Comfort in Limbo

If you find yourself at the Museum of Arts and Design this spring, be sure to check out its survey of unsettling quasi-documentary videos by Julika Rudelius, titled What Is on the Outside. The pieces, which were created by Rudelius between 2001 and 2010, range in length from three to 29 minutes, and the complete program will be playing on a continuous loop until July 5.

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Beautiful Dirt

The art in Swept Away: Dust, Ashes, and Dirt in Contemporary Art and Design at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) has some of the best material lists I’ve ever seen: city dust and pencil on silk; soot on organic cotton canvas; dryer lint and cotton; blown glass and ash from burned books. It’s label text that borders on poetry.

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The Precious Gems Art History Forgot

Imagine strolling through clean, bright halls, surrounded by immaculate display cases filled with baubles and trinkets, the steam-polished precious metals and gems coruscating in the glare of spotlights. Hear your feet clacking on the white floors, stopping to look closer at the jewelry on display, but not close enough to stir the ire of the security guard peering over your shoulder. Imagine wanting everything you see, from diamond diadems to neon-tubed necklaces. No, you’re not in Tiffany’s or Cartier, you’re in the Museum of Arts and Design, gazing at their new show, Picasso to Koons: The Artist as Jeweler.

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Artists Create Surreal Miniature Worlds

I’d been promised “enchanted landscapes, fantastic worlds, and strange encounters” and had already voyaged through wartime Italy, haunted hallways, Chuck Close’s art studio, and a seedy peepshow. Then I collided with all three at once. A sedentary carousel of animals and imps suddenly spun into a 3D zoetrope where the fiendish tiny people tried to stab giant snails and jumping fish and smash a bird’s eggs, while butterflies thrashed away to escape their missiles. A strange whirring, creaking noise accompanied the primal scene. It was perfectly otherworldly.

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Water Gun Fight In a Museum!

Jason Eppink describes himself online as an “Urban Alchemist, Rapid Prototyper, Mischief Maker,” so it should come as no surprise that he stirred things up during his February 24 lecture at the Museum of Arts and Design with a water gun fight.

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NY Museum Embraces the Art of Clubbing

Could your next bar night actually be an art night? THE FUN Fellowship, a new initiative by New York City’s Museum of Arts and Design (MAD), promotes nightlife to the status of art. From the creation of a shared artistic community to the breakdown of social boundaries that comes with an excess of substances and music, urban nightlife is an established cauldron of creativity. Yet New York City’s artistic institutions have lost touch with nightlife practitioners, says FUN curator and MAD manager of Public Programs, Jake Yuzna. THE FUN Fellowship, granted to four artists or art collectives annually, is a way to remedy that disconnection and support the nightlife community.