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Early Prints by Mary Cassatt Offer a Glimpse into One of NYC’s Overlooked Art Collections

Up in a hallway off the Rose Main Reading Room of the New York Public Library is a small exhibition of prints from one of Impressionism’s iconic artists. Created between 1878 and 1898 by Mary Cassatt, the quiet depictions of women in repose with family pets or viewing the opera might not immediately catch the eye of those who happen to pass by, but they represent not just the early experimentations of Cassatt, but one of New York’s greatest overlooked art collections.

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Making Movement Out of Stillness: Phillip Trager’s Architectural Photography

The New York Public Library is asking for quiet with its current exhibition, Echoes of Silence, the first to consider the early works of the architectural photographer Philip Trager — but silence isn’t a word that comes to mind when looking at a Trager photograph. One is drawn instead to the photographer’s eye for movement, his propensity for morphing buildings into people and lifting texture and tone out of the black and white he works in, so that monochrome stills of architecture become polyphonic, playful photographs.

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Werner Herzog: Whitney Biennial Contributor, But Don’t Call Him an Artist

Art lovers in attendance at last night’s conversation with Werner Herzog at the New York Public Library were fortunate enough to hear a little of the backstory behind Herzog’s participation in this year’s Whitney Biennial. The inclusion of the celebrated filmmaker in the exhibition took many art-worlders by surprise when the list of participants was announced in December.