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The White House’s Newest Norman Rockwell

Are there too many works by Norman Rockwell at the White House? Probably, but last Friday US President Barack Obama took time out of his schedule to discuss the 1963 painting by Norman Rockwell, titled “The Problem We All Live With,” with the representatives of the Norman Rockwell Museum and the woman who is depicted as a six year old girl in the work.

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Remixing Norman Rockwell’s Thanksgiving

Even if illustrator-cum-post-modern-artist Norman Rockwell initially titled his iconic work about Thanksgiving, “Freedom From Want“ and never mind that it was published in March 1943, the painting has come to exemplify the picture-perfect American Thanksgiving according to the dominant narrative of American culture.

Many of the individuals in Rockwell’s scene were real-life Vermonters who lived in Rockwell’s town, but what’s more inspiring about this work is the mocking, funny, sweet, and corny parodies it has inspired — many of which I have collected for you.