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#OccupyWallStreet Journal Map Calls Mark di Suvero’s “Joie de Vivre” Weird

Liza Eliano and I stopped by Occupy Wall Street yesterday and we picked up a copy of the first edition of the Occupied Wall Street Journal. A four-page broadsheet, the back had a funny map marking that made us laugh out loud. “Art / Signs” are marked with a but Abstract Expressionist sculptor Mark di Suvero’s “Joie de Vivre” (2006?) is marked with the term “Weird Red Thing” — LOL!

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Photo Break: Urs Fischer’s Giant Yellow Teddy Bear

Stationed outside of the Seagram building at 75 Park Avenue between 52nd Street and 53rd Street is a giant yellow teddy bear. Oh yeah, it also has a lamp sticking out of its back and through its head. Urs Fischer’s monumental sculpture “Untitled (Lamp/Bear)” has already attracted attention for its unique appearance, but I took some photos to show the piece from a different angle.