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Posted inArt

Dreaming of Fluorescent Men

“Sun Hat Sunset” (2012), a painting by Robin F. Williams currently on view at PPOW Gallery, shows a stubble-chinned man casually smoking a cigarette and wearing a floppy, oversized hat — the whimsical kind usually seen on women at the beach. The portrait elicits a startling contrast between the man’s masculine features, the virile way in which his lips loosely grasp his cigarette, and his seemingly feminine choice of headgear.

Posted inArt

Is It Punk To Grow Old Ungracefully?

On a rainy Thursday in Chelsea, I could hear the cast of the Real Housewives screeching in horror and running for their emergency stash of botox as I walked through visual artist and alternative space powerhouse Martha Wilson’s new exhibition I have become my own worst fear at PPOW Gallery. Characteristically bold, Wilson’s exhibition seems to delve into one of the last taboos of our times: women aging.