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The Hallucinogenic Origins of Art

A paper published in the most recent issue of Adaptive Behavior significantly updates the long-standing thesis that the global prevalence in prehistoric art of “certain types of geometric visual patterns” suggests hallucinogenic inspirations. The University of Tokyo authors — Tom Froese, Alexander Woodward, and Takashi Ikegami — conclude that this theory is largely correct, and go on to map specific neurobiological features to specific forms of geometric abstraction.

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Oldest Confirmed Cave Art Is a Single Red Dot

Neanderthal Minimalism? Are contemporary dot-errific artists Yayoi Kusama and Damien Hirst being subconsciously influenced by their prehistoric ancestors? Or did some prehistoric gallery forget to remove one of their little red “sold” dots after a major exhibition? The fact is that our understanding of prehistoric art continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Now, Science Magazine has published findings on what they believe to be the oldest cave painting ever, and it’s a simple red dot.

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Has Werner Herzog Made the First Art Stoner Flick in 3D?

Director and filmmaker, Werner Herzog’s latest, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, is a strange mix of flighty pseudo-intellectual reverie and jaw-dropping documentary. Filmed in the famously inaccessible Chauvet Cave in southern France with 3-D enhancement, and sprinkled with the usual eccentric Hertzogian locals, the movie cannot fail to entertain and simultaneously irritate — just like the great man himself.