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Introducing #OccupyWallStreet’s Arts and Culture Committee

On the 14th day of Occupy Wall Street, the movement has seen its biggest turn out yet. in the midst of protesters conversing, eating, sleeping and going about their daily business, art and creativity was also thriving in the park. Young kids joined in making cardboard posters to add to the street collage, while an older set of protesters folded paper cranes as a gesture of peace. I briefly caught up with Alexandre Carvalho, one of the main organizers of the Arts and Culture Committee at Occupy Wall Street to find out more about how the protesters are utilizing artistic practices to express their political and personal viewpoints.

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The Signs of #OccupyWallStreet

On Friday and Saturday night I traveling to the Occupy Wall Street action in lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park to document the signs created by the protesters and their supporters. I was impressed that this small island of protest had quickly created a library and an art station for protesters to share their thoughts with the media and the world.

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Tension and Theater in the Picket Lines of #OccupyWallStreet

Today I walked the picket line with members of Occupy Wall Street who are in their seventh day of protest against big banks and corporations. As rain clouds darkened, a group of protesters began to assemble and lead the way out of Liberty Plaza, with several cops bringing up the line. Things remained under control and relatively peaceful, but there was plenty of tension in the air.