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Sculpture that Just Wants to Play

Some curious creatures have arrived in City Hall Park, although they look pretty miserable about it. Olaf Breuning’s “The Humans,” with its loop of anthropomorphic figures showing a story of humans evolving from fish to fisher king, has each whimsical figure sporting a deep frown upon their marble faces. While they’re definitely the most charming highlight of the new Lightness of Being Public Art Fund sculpture exhibition, there are 11 artists with playful art to discover elsewhere around the park.

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Hanging Out with Christopher Columbus, the Oversized Diva

From down on the ground, if you didn’t know what it was, it might be hard to figure it out. Given the massive amounts of scaffolding, the big structure currently occupying the middle of Columbus Circle looks basically like a construction project with nifty yellow signs attached. It’s actually the Public Art Fund’s latest project, “Discovering Columbus,” by Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi.

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Some Italian Americans Call Columbus Project “Disrespectful”

Some of us are really excited about the Public Art Fund’s upcoming project Discovering Columbus, for which Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi will construct a living room around the statue of Christopher Columbus in Columbus Circle. A living room six stories above the street, mind you, bringing visitors nose-to-nose with the Italian explorer himself (or at least, his likeness). But some Italian-Americans are less than thrilled about it; in fact, they’re pissed.

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Understatement Surrounds City Hall

City Hall Park is an excellent venue for Sol Lewitt’s sculptures. In the white cube, the problem is that the artist’s three dimensional structures can blend in precariously well with the similarly minimal geometric space, camouflaging their distinctiveness from the viewer. It is good to see Lewitt’s work contrasted with the park’s lush greens and lavish beaux arts architecture. In this context, his works appear like precious and unique islands of understatement.