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Lawsuit Accuses the City and Lincoln Center of Privatizing a Public Park

A handful of New York residents and environmental activist groups are suing the City of New York, the Parks Department, and Lincoln Center over the use of Damrosch Park, a 2.44-acre park on the Upper West Side. The lawsuit claims that the city has effectively, but illegally, handed over management of the park to Lincoln Center, and that the events the performing arts center holds there — including the iconic Fashion Week — have taken over the space and rendered it unusable for the public.

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Why Won’t the MTA Allow This Artist to Make Art? [UPDATE]

One February evening, Brooklyn-based artist Enrico Miguel Thomas carried his drawing board a few paces away from where he had been illustrating from a counter in Grand Central — leaving behind a bag full of markers and a folded-up easel. After a brief moment of gathering the necessary detail on his subject, which he characterizes as having taken no longer than five minutes, he turned to find a swarm of police officers gathering near his bags. After approaching them, claiming the bags, and identifying himself as an artist, the MTA police officers insisted on “clearing” his bags with a K-9 bomb-sniffing dog.

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Libraries Aren’t Irrelevant Yet

As more and more people get their information and do their research online, often from the comfort of their own couches, the future of public libraries seems very much up for the debate these days. Should libraries ship some of their books off to storage facilities and bring in more computers, as the New York Public Library is attempting to do? Should they follow San Antonio’s lead and go bookless altogether? Should we devote more public resources to libraries to renovate them and make them more “relevant,” whatever that actually means, in the digital age? Or should we just say throw in the towel and privatize them all?