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The Art Guide to Reddit

Navigating the innumerable conversations on Reddit may seem overwhelming, especially if you’re exploring a topic as broad as art, but the key to uncovering gems lies in finding the subreddits that inform, intrigue, or amuse you the most.

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Yale Art Dept Website Has “Officially Cemented Trolling as an Art Form”

Yale School of Art may have the reputation of being an institution that turns out future art market-friendly artist gazillionaires, but their website is hurting the eyes of people all over the web.

Recently, a bunch of users on Reddit have been cursing the institution’s jarring — which may be an understatement — website. If you have a few minutes to kill this morning and want to be lost in the hilarity of their reactions be my guest. The page is titled, “I’ll bet Yale’s Art Department has an awesome-looking site! Wait… WHAT?! : WTF