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Censored Video by Xandra Ibarra Might Go Back on View

| During a public meeting at the Centro de Artes in San Antonio, Texas, the center’s committee voted to reinstall Xandra Ibarra’s work, which had been removed from the exhibition XicanX: New Visions. The city, which funds and oversees Centro de Artes, had barred Ibarra’s video prior to the exhibition’s opening, citing “obscene content.” The decision now moves to the hands of the San Antonio Arts Commission, a group of 15 members appointed by the Mayor and City Council, who will vote on the issue on March 10. Read the full story here.

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Folk Art Meets Global Aspirations in a Victorian Curiosity Shop

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — “Wow bizzarro!” I hear a visitor exclaim with a delighted grin as they walk out the front door of the San Angel Folk Art gallery. The venue is one of those quirky finds one relishes during an art tour in a new city. It offers a colorful breath of fresh air to a predominating white cube aesthetic, and a friendly alternative to the “take ourselves too seriously” attitude of many in the contemporary gallery world.