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Posted inArt

A Dazzling Architectural Rainbow With Political and Social History

SAVANNAH, Georgia — Mexican artist Gabriel Dawe’s installations are undeniably beautiful — composed of diaphanous arrays of colored thread in rainbow gradations, the artist’s pieces inspire a kind of instant hypnotic daze. As the individual threads move against each other, the taught, three-dimensional compositions come alive. They create dynamic visual illusions that play with the formal qualities of color and space, but the works also hold a more engaged artistic angle.

Posted inArt

“In Painting We Discover Demons; If We Don’t Exorcise Them They Devour Your Ass!”

SAVANNAH, Georgia — Traditionally, art history is contained on objects — the artifacts that artists leave behind and populate our museums and galleries, offering aesthetic arguments, disagreements, and manifestos. But the messier, less packaged-up side of art history is hidden in the people who lived it. That much was certainly clear from a lecture at Savannah College of Art and Design’s 2013 deFINE Art conference.