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The Biggest Tip to Succeed as an Artist: Be Open

SAVANNAH, Georgia — The primary goal of any creative practitioner is to make good work — visual artists must make great art. But producing work is only the most visible part of an entire career, encompassing everything from getting your name out there to that eternal bugbear, making a living from art. An artist panel on “professional practice” at Savannah College of Art and Design’s 2013 deFINE Art conference tackled this topic with useful advice.

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A Dazzling Architectural Rainbow With Political and Social History

SAVANNAH, Georgia — Mexican artist Gabriel Dawe’s installations are undeniably beautiful — composed of diaphanous arrays of colored thread in rainbow gradations, the artist’s pieces inspire a kind of instant hypnotic daze. As the individual threads move against each other, the taught, three-dimensional compositions come alive. They create dynamic visual illusions that play with the formal qualities of color and space, but the works also hold a more engaged artistic angle.

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“In Painting We Discover Demons; If We Don’t Exorcise Them They Devour Your Ass!”

SAVANNAH, Georgia — Traditionally, art history is contained on objects — the artifacts that artists leave behind and populate our museums and galleries, offering aesthetic arguments, disagreements, and manifestos. But the messier, less packaged-up side of art history is hidden in the people who lived it. That much was certainly clear from a lecture at Savannah College of Art and Design’s 2013 deFINE Art conference.