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Who Is The Artist? Thoughts on Anonymous Street Art

Evacuated from my Lower Manhattan apartment and hiding from Hurricane Irene, I find myself thinking about anonymous street art and what it means to art-viewing practices. Different from traditional art and even graffiti, the anonymous works that are found on construction walls, corners of the street and shop grates pose a difficult yet exciting problem for the street art or historian enthusiast that comes across them.

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“Hope” As I See It From Across the Sea

PUNE, INDIA — Yet another “season” of American elections is at our doorstep. “Season” is well-accepted television jargon in India now. Many young, urban Indian tele-watchers have picked up the “season thing” easily. These young Indians also ardently follow and virtually participate in the very wellorganized, entertainingly televised and “branded” drama of American elections. Besides television, access to the internet with live information bombarding and constantly propagated graphical and video content has changed the scenario forever for our times. Staying updated about any specific domain or subject of your interest is click-easy.

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Is a Cease and Desist About Irony, Hypocrisy or Legal Strategy?

Jamie Alexander and Derek Song were surprised in late December of last year when they received a letter from the New York law firm of Jones Day, which represents Jeff Koons, LLC. Their San Francisco retail store and gallery, Park Life, had never attracted the attention of the art world’s big hitters before, but now, one Peter D. Vogl had sent them a cease-and-desist letter calling for the immediate cessation of their sale of balloon dog bookends. Apparently the 10.2” matte plastic pooches were threatening the Koons art empire and potentially confusing customers who are more accustomed to spending a lot more money on ten foot high hi-gloss steel versions of the same species.