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Jeju Island, Land of 100 Museums

On beautiful Jeju Island in South Korea, you can see one of the longest lava tubes in the world, visit the crater of an extinct volcano, and watch a fire festival … or you can stop in at the Museum of Sex and Health, the World Seashell Museum, and the Teddybear Safari. Your call.

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Advertisers Clone the Work of Liu Bolin

PHILADELPHIA — Unlike too many pop artists, Chinese artist Liu Bolin has managed to retain a balance, or maybe a synergy, between popular throwaway aesthetics and the conceptual, while keeping the work readable to a wide audience. His work is designed to go viral, but it isn’t as shallow as a LOLCAT. Of course, viral ideas don’t come around every day, and advertisers love them, so it should come as little surprise that Bolin’s Hiding In The Cities series has been blatantly ripped off by a number of advertisers across countries and trades.

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Asian Art Guide: Gwangju and Asia’s Oldest Biennial

BEIJING — It’s a four hour train from Seoul — two trains, to be precise, as a transfer is necessary. With a population of a little over a million people, it’s the sixth-largest city in South Korea. That city is Gwangju, whose name means, literally, the bright province. It’s a city of flashing neon lights, love motels, high-energy dance clubs and some of the best restaurants in Korea. Amongst international creative circles, it’s also known as the home of Asia’s oldest art biennale, the Gwangju Biennale.