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Garis & Hahn Presents “King,” a New Performance Piece by Andrea Mary Marshall

Andrea Mary Marshall’s newest work explores iconography, identity, and the binary self by targeting two iconic figures from Japan and the United States: the Geisha, an apogee of femininity and beauty, as well as artistry and skill, and the rock ‘n’ roll icon Elvis, the embodiment of rebel-cool and individualistic freedom.

In this live fan painting performance, Marshall will explore both Elvis and the Geisha, drawing on a variety of art historical references — from Warhol’s repeating Elvis to Pollock’s drip paintings to the grunge vibe of 80s Soho. The performance, entitled “King” in homage to Elvis, will see the artist personifying both the king of rock ‘n’ roll and the Geisha, the two characters central to her new body of work in SACRED/ICONIC.

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Artists Jumpstart Their Careers with Klein Artist Works

Klein Artist Works is a 12-week online course that empowers artists by demystifying the art world via a series of live webinars with 25 art world experts (gallery owners, art critics, museum directors, curators, art consultants, successful artists, and others).

The course consists of 2 one-hour-long, live webinars every Monday evening and provides both group sessions and one-on-one counseling to introduce artists to powerful information from an array of the world’s top art professionals. Everyone gets personal attention and individualized assistance with strategy and artist statements, and a real or virtual studio visit.

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Explore Film Favorites on SnagFilms

The film world may be at the Toronto International Film Festival, but the films that create buzz, inspire viewers, and tells the stories we all want to hear are only a click away — and they’re completely free. SnagFilms offers a broad menu of cinematic viewing from the comfort of your computer.

Browsing the selection, we created our own collection on SnagFilms highlighting some 15 films that caught our eye, and we titled it “Art That Kicks Ass,” because, well, it does.

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Stream High-Quality Films of Contemporary Performance at

Before, high-quality documentation of contemporary performance was almost impossible to find. Through the site, fans of contemporary performance have found better access to HD-quality videos of the artists they want to see regardless of where they live or their busy schedules, at prices they can afford.

A first-of-its-kind site, brings contemporary work to a global audience by filming top caliber performances and making them available for stream, download or subscription purchase on any device.