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Explore Film Favorites on SnagFilms

The film world may be at the Toronto International Film Festival, but the films that create buzz, inspire viewers, and tells the stories we all want to hear are only a click away — and they’re completely free. SnagFilms offers a broad menu of cinematic viewing from the comfort of your computer.

Browsing the selection, we created our own collection on SnagFilms highlighting some 15 films that caught our eye, and we titled it “Art That Kicks Ass,” because, well, it does.

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Stream High-Quality Films of Contemporary Performance at

Before, high-quality documentation of contemporary performance was almost impossible to find. Through the site, fans of contemporary performance have found better access to HD-quality videos of the artists they want to see regardless of where they live or their busy schedules, at prices they can afford.

A first-of-its-kind site, brings contemporary work to a global audience by filming top caliber performances and making them available for stream, download or subscription purchase on any device.

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The Hannah Arendt Prize: Call for Submissions

The Hannah Arendt Prize in Critical Theory and Creative Research is a $5,000 essay prize awarded in an annual competition for those interested in the juncture of art and creative research and in the principles at the heart of the arts and humanities, including sense-based intelligence; the reality of singular, nonrepeatable phenomena; ethical vision; and consilience between inner and outer, nature and reason, thought and experience, subject and object, self and world.

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With New Owner and Energy, Outsider Art Fair Heads to Chelsea

There’s something captivating about outsider art. The energy of it feels different somehow. In the past two decades, the field has grown enormously, and in the process, it’s become more integrated with the contemporary art world. Unknown artists have been discovered, more galleries devoted to self-taught and folk artists have opened their doors, and outsider art has gained both an increasingly devoted following and, in accordance with that demand, its own fair.

Founded by Sanford Smith in 1993, the Outsider Art Fair quickly became a critical and commercial success, as well as the leading event in the field of outsider, self-taught, and folk art. The fair was recognized for its maverick spirit, and crowds began to flock annually to New York’s Puck Building, the event’s location for its first 15 years.

Use the promo code “hyperallergic” to reserve a complimentary 1-day ticket to the fair.

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How Artists Are Not Like Cheese

Most people, when they think of Lincoln Center, think of the performing arts: theater, opera, dance, music. But the iconic New York arts center also has a strong visual art program — one that’s actually been commissioning and producing prints from such artists as Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Roy Lichtenstein, Sol Lewitt, Helen Frankenthaler, Frank Stella, Glenn Ligon, and Chuck Close for the past fifty years.

The Lincoln Center Vera List Art Project was founded by philanthropist and arts patron Vera List, who became involved with Lincoln Center early on. List believed in the power of art and the importance of its accessibility to the general public, so she started the Art Project, which commissions contemporary artists to create posters and limited-edition prints for Lincoln Center.

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Art Practice: SVA’s Low-Residency, Interdisciplinary Approach to Getting an MFA

Getting a Masters of Fine Arts is a huge commitment, not just financially but in terms of time and space as well. Rather than taking on moving cross-country and leasing a new apartment, SVA’s Art Practice MFA program takes a more accessible approach to graduate school.

The MFA Art Practice program is a low-residency, cross-disciplinary graduate program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. The program is composed of three intensive summer sessions, with extensive, media-rich online coursework in the intervening semesters. While in the city, students will have full access to the great facilities of SVA’s campus, which features a new digital sculpture center and a nature and technology lab.