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Posted inArt

A Strange Scene of Star Cats and Astronomy

From a new space in Dumbo’s 111 Front Street building, Stephen Romano Gallery is offering a unique mix of art that’s contemporary, historic, and unapologetically strange. The second exhibition, Mysterium Cosmographicum, takes the cosmos as its theme, from the mysteries of outer space to the divine impressions given off by distant stars.

Posted inArt

Pulse New York’s Playful Cosmopolitanism

Pulse New York is continuing its role as one of the more user-friendly offerings this fair week, with a flair for the international and an undercurrent of the offbeat in its location at Chelsea’s Metropolitan Pavilion. Last year was the first of its eight editions to run alongside Frieze, and despite the torrential rain this morning, the preview felt buoyant, with an emphasis on the playful. While there were some corners of studied abstraction, overall the artworks were spirited creations that embraced vibrant tones.