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#withoutwords: The Existential and Profound in Syria’s Emerging Art Scene

LONDON — News from Syria suggests the pen, the paintbrush, the camera, and even needle and thread may be mightier than the sword after all. For what other reason would the government have broken the hands of a political cartoonist. But the fully recovered cartoonist, Ali Ferzat, is back at his desk, ridiculing the follies of man, and his nemesis President al-Assad may soon be looking for ways to avoid trial as a war criminal.

Posted inArt

Revolution and Art in Syria

Columbia University’s Knox Hall is quiet. Breaking the Fear Barrier, an art exhibit of political cartoons, news photos, documentary footage and children’s drawings to raise awareness about the revolts in Syria, opened its doors two hours ago and scarcely anyone has shown up. The eerie stillness is a harsh reminder of the world’s approach to the situation in Syria: silence and inaction.