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Purple’s Olivier Zahm Just Really Loves Women, Bro

Reports hold that Purple Magazine editor Olivier Zahm, widely known for being a skeezy dude who documents his love sex life obsessively online on Purple’s Diary, is just super into the ladies. Says Rachel Chandler, a Purple contributor, “A lot of people think he’s a sexist pig… What they don’t get is that he really loves women. Like, more than any man I’ve ever met.” A New York Times profile has the details.

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Terry Richardson: How A Controversy Becomes A Beast

It started in Paris during the second week of March. When New York-based artist and famed fashion photographer Terry Richardson ran into the Danish model Rie Rasmussen at a fashion event, he found himself confronted by the latter. According to Rasmussen, she accused him of abusing his power to exploit young models for his overtly sexual images, upon which Richardson fled the scene and later called her agency to complain. This in turn prompted Rasmussen to vent more publicly.