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Untitled Makes the Gradient in Miami

MIAMI BEACH — The Untitled art fair may take place in a stark white tent with a hot pink slice cut into it, but the work inside is every color of the rainbow. In fact, “rainbow” is the most common palette at the fair this year: every other booth seems to feature at least one work in which yellow shifts to red, purple, blue, green, and back.

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Untitled Art Fair 2013: Nature Gone Wrong

MIAMI BEACH — In the cycles of art fairs, there are some that are going up and others that are on a slow decline to what seems like oblivion. In the former category is Untitled, which debuted last year and has since generated a lot of buzz because of its South Beach beachfront location (which was copied this year by Scope art fair) and the crop of galleries it appears to have lured away from the once “too cool for school” NADA art fair further uptown.

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The Twilight Performance of an Aging Queen

MIAMI BEACH — Amidst the overabundance, overproduction, and overstimulation of the spectacle that is the Miami art fairs, it becomes progressively harder by the day to recollect what I have seen or even what I have liked. And yet, the thing about authenticity is that it can persist, despite an environment designed to shout it down. And I saw it in Conrad Ventur’s installation Montezland, at Participant Inc’s booth at the Untitled art fair.