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Urs Fischer: The Raw and the (Over)Cooked

LOS ANGELES — What do you get when you invite 1,500 people to make clay sculptures of whatever they want? An incredibly weird, crumbling, monotone wonderland. As part of his current retrospective, New York-based artist Urs Fischer organized this freewheeling project at the Geffen Contemporary MoCA in downtown Los Angeles, and titled, appropriately, “YES” (2013).

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Photos from the 54th Venice Biennale, Part 1

The voluminousness of the Venice Biennale can be overwhelming, much like the city of Venice itself. Talking with Venetian friends, I heard the city described as a “creature,” a labyrinthine monster that will suffocate you if you don’t know how to find the campos, or other open-air spaces where you can stretch out and breathe. Inhabited by more tourists than actual residents, the city is shaped by the pre-conceived notions of its visitors; in short, Venice is a place that does not fully exist. The same feeling follows you into the exhibitions of the Biennale.

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Photo Break: Urs Fischer’s Giant Yellow Teddy Bear

Stationed outside of the Seagram building at 75 Park Avenue between 52nd Street and 53rd Street is a giant yellow teddy bear. Oh yeah, it also has a lamp sticking out of its back and through its head. Urs Fischer’s monumental sculpture “Untitled (Lamp/Bear)” has already attracted attention for its unique appearance, but I took some photos to show the piece from a different angle.