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5 Art-inspired Barbie Dolls We Want to See

You may have heard that Mattel has launched its new Museum Collection of Barbie dolls. Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” and Gustav Klimt’s “Portrait of Adele Block-Bauer I,” these dolls, which are part of a brand cherished by children the world over, aren’t exactly exciting … yawn. What if Mattel was a little more adventurous? Here are our suggestions.

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A Novel Through the Eyes of Van Gogh’s Doctor

Written from the perspective of Dr. Gachet, Vincent van Gogh’s physician, Carol Wallace’s Leaving Van Gogh is the fictional story of the famous painter’s final months in the French town of Auvers. Based on 902 letters exchanged between Van Gogh and his family and friends, the novel paints the picture of a brilliant but tormented artist who alternates between captivating and scaring those closest to him. About to embark on the book tour, Wallace took the time to share her thoughts on Vincent van Gogh, mental illness and the joy of writing about painting.

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Babe-watch on Google Art Project

You know it was hilariously inevitable that someone was going to cruise the walls of Google Art Project checking out the hotties and collect them all into one place. Well, Chicago Now blogga Taleen Kelenderian just did that and she has labeled her favorites with such hipster-ific monikers as “Ginger Babe,” “Angsty Babe,” and Van Gogh gets the lamenting phrase, “unattainable babe.” This is a whole different type of cruising than the stuff that goes on at the Egyptian Museum.

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Art World Halloween Costumes

We at Hyperallergic know it’s close to Halloween because of all the articles giving us last minute costume ideas! Now, a slutty viking or a faux-Gaga meat dress might be fine if you’re just going to some random Halloween party with a bunch of normal people. But what if you’re going to that special Halloween benefit at MoMA? Or trick or treating up and down Chelsea? Here are a few costume ideas that will get you street cred in the art world.