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Posted inOpinion

See All the GIFs on Wikipedia

Whether or not you think 2012 was the Year of the GIF, the fact stands pretty certain: the Graphic Interchange Format is all around us. One place where this is readily apparent is Wikipedia, where GIFs are used to illustrate everything from mathematical principles to how to correctly write a Japanese character. And of course, because the internet has only exacerbated our human tendency to collect and list and display things, someone has made a website that cycles through all of the GIFs on Wikipedia.

Posted inArt

The Potential for Journalism in the Expanded Field

BERKELEY, California — As more of us can afford the tools historically only available to publishing houses, we have increasingly adopted them to share our stories and thoughts online. The invention of the printing press in the mid-1400s cheapened and quickened the arduous process of writing texts by hand. The cheaper the publishing, the cheaper the books, making information more accessible and creating an economic environment where more people could become publishers, creating an increasingly diverse, cheap, and accessible flow of information to an increasingly wider audience. Before the printing press books were rare and expensive, few possessed them and few could read them. The internet has expanded what the printing press started at an unprecedented degree.