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Online Archive Brings ’90s Williamsburg Warehouse Culture to Life

Grungy Williamsburg is a thing of the past. Warehouses can still be found around the neighborhood, but for the most part, they’ve slowly turning into more than just artist lofts, and the penniless bohemia of yesteryears has largely ceded their territory to bars, music venues, clubs, restaurants, coffee shops, and condos. These days, if you want a warehouse party, a chaotic, multisensory, immersive experience filled with art projects, performers, and booze, you can look at Kent Avenue, which still has a cluster of experimental spaces, but you might also look east towards East Williamsburg or Bushwick, or south to someplace like Gowanus or Sunset Park.

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As Northside Rolls In, Williamsburg Artists Face Eviction

Those headed to Northside Art this weekend should make sure to visit the handful of open studios at 338 Berry Street, because those spaces won’t be studios for much longer. About six weeks ago, the 10 tenants still residing in live-and-work studios in the building lost their court battle with their landlord, Mona Gora-Friedman. The tenants are being evicted at the end of October, at which time Gora-Friedman will renovate the building and turn it into — sigh, what else? — luxury condos.

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Brooklyn Designer Held Without Bail for Hanging Plastic Bags from Trees

File this under WTF: Japanese Takeshi Miyakawa, who lives in Brooklyn, was arrested for hanging a plastic bag filled with LED lights from a tree in Greenpoint, and he’s now being held without bail for 30 days. Miyakawa’s installation of glowing “I Love NY” bags was meant as a tribute to the city, in celebration of Design Week, but when he left one in Williamsburg on Friday, the bomb squad was called in and all hell broke loose. Police arrested him later on charges of planting false bombs.