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The Year of Rain and Cronuts

The New York art world was thrown a free joke when, over the summer, people waited in the rain to get into the Museum of Modern Art’s Rain Room, a project by the studio Random International. The line was a capstone to a year of big projects with big draws, one more peak in a now-familiar rhythm: every few months some arts institution offers the “must-see” project of the season.

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The Long, Strange Art and Life of Yayoi Kusama

On the surface of this well-fueled publicity blitz, Yayoi Kusama is a dotty (pun intended) old grandma all about fun, polka dots and puffy balloons, including her eye-popping window display for the Louis Vuitton store on Fifth Avenue and 57th Street. On the inside, which all the W magazine air kisses in the world can’t conceal, Kusama is about decades of raging struggles with precarious mental balance, gender, ethnicity, money, power, class, self-mythology, annihilation, life and death, peppered with a bit of wonder.

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Louis Vuitton Spots New Japanese Artist, Same Old Accessories Expected

I find it exciting when fine art fuses with fashion, and Louis Vuitton’s recently announced collaboration with Yayoi Kusama may produce some spectacularly spotted goods. Interestingly, this pairing coincided with former LV collaborator Takashi Murakami’s newly unveiled installation at Qatar Museums Authority, which witnessed a departure from the Japanese artist’s signature Superflat subject matter.

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Artist Pads We’d Like To Hang Out In

With the news of Jeff Koons new mansion rising on the Upper East Side comes the tantalizing thought of what it would be like to hang out in some other superstar artists’ homes. Studios are cool and all, but the real fun would come with the art-installation living rooms and the nursery that looks more like a biomorphic amusement park. The possibilities are endless, though we wouldn’t want to be stuck at a Richard Serra tea party.