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The Portrait of a Family in Human Ash and Meth

A big part of Zefrey Throwell’s current exhibition at Gasser & Grunert Gallery in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood is the story of a family split apart by drug addiction, then brought closer by a memorial for a dead father. It is also a story of overcoming hardship brought on by Hurricane Sandy, not to mention a hell of a story about using human ash and methamphetamines to create art.

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Midtown Games Blasts Thru Times Square

I ran to Times Square this morning to catch a glimpse of artist Zefrey Throwell’s latest incarnation of his performance series, Midtown Games, but a missed subway connection which delayed my arrival a few minutes making me late to witness the artistic/athletic spectacle. Luckily, I tracked down Throwell afterwards who spoke to me about what the hell the Midtown Games are all about? And provided me with images of yesterday’s thrilling good time.

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50 People Get Naked for Art on Wall Street, 3 Get Arrested

Wall Street is a bizarre place. Major investment banks, hedge funds and other members of the world’s financial elite tank the world’s economy and practically no one gets arrested. Fifty participants in a performance art project by Zefrey Throwell, Ocularpation: Wall Street, get naked and three are arrested and are awaiting court appearances. America, consider this your wake up call.