Updating Guerrilla Girls for Net Artists

by Hrag Vartanian on January 8, 2014


(image courtesy the artist)

Chiara Moioli is a 23-year-old artist based in Milan, Italy. When a friend recently returned from London with some Guerrilla Girls postcards, it occurred to her that it was about time to update the anonymous artist group’s infamous (and now iconic) “The Advantages of Being a Woman Artist” for internet artists like herself. The piece, she says, “makes irony about this state of things.”

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  • Paula

    Ms. Moioli seriously missed the point of the original Guerilla Girls work. To claim that any perceived discrimination against artists who choose a certain medium or working method is on par with centuries of sexism is naive at best and deeply offensive at worst.

    • I don’t think she misses it at all, she’s only focusing on one aspect of the piece, namely that a piece that criticizes the establishment is now firmly entrenched in it and collected by the same institutions it once criticized.

      This is a normal thing in online remix culture, which she is a part of.

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