Blu Says Whitewash Was ‘a CURATORIAL CHOICE that involves the CENSORSHIP of a mural’

by Hrag Vartanian on December 16, 2010

Artist Blu has just blogged about his surprise that the word “censorship” is disappearing from the discussion of his whitewashed mural and being replaced by the word “curatorial choice.” He also reveals why the mural isn’t as finished as some of his other work:

some photos of the work in progress and a global view of the mural
the main idea is understandable but unfortunately the piece is not finished
I didn’t feel so motivated to spend more time on it once i learned that it was going disappear the day after.
I am stupid but not masochist.

meanwhile a very interesting debate is happening on internet
and, wonders of rhetoric, the word “censorship” magically disappears
now you can call it a “curatorial choice”
I almost totally agree with this interpretation

it is, in fact, a CURATORIAL CHOICE that involves the CENSORSHIP of a mural.

still unsure? check the word definition

I definitely suggest you click thru.

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