How Do Photographers Spend Their Time? Fact vs Fiction

by Hrag Vartanian on January 9, 2012

The romance of photography means that our perception of what photographers actually do is distorted. These pie charts by A Photo Editor may help correct some popular misconceptions.

The big chunk of time that editing and other administrative tasks take up is something I can relate to.

I wonder what pie charts for other people in the arts, like myself, would look like? Hmmm … let’s see …

h/t swissmiss

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  • Cat videos get 10% huh. Working w photographers for years, I can back up that pie chart. Think artists might want to conceal the reality and let the myth prevail. Reading is a ginormous percentage of mine.

    • Cat videos are more of a metaphor for all those things that happen online that I’d rather not list one by one :)

  • Krista Azzara

    If you watched fewer cat videos you could go to more parties.

    • Did I mention that some of those cat videos were of cats at parties?

  • an oldie but goodie:

    • Karen, I hadn’t seen that one. It’s a classic. Amazing.

  • Sam Horine

    did you see weightless cats this week?

  • Wim Mulder

    HAD a hunch indeed, but still these pie-charts are very illustrative!

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